Don't Be A Conformist. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Step Up!

  Not being a conformist may make some people stop liking you, but you'll love yourself! We need no elaborations as to why the latter is infinitely more important... #SelfLove The goal of an average person is to become better and successful. But to do that, you have to move from wishful thinking to action. This happens by stepping out of your comfort zone and refusing to conform. A comfort zone is a place many people are and where you shouldn't be if you must stand out and make a difference. It can be quite daunting and challenging traveling a path that is less traveled and less lit. Staying and conforming to popular opinion may look like the easy way out. You may be afraid to be the finger that is sticking out when you express a contrary opinion or even be tagged weird when you choose to do or talk about things others shy away from. Don't you worry, just do YOU. You will be better off staying real and true to yourself at all times! I have been called eclectic, too da


"What you see is not always what it seems, and those closest to you can be hiding a dark secret that have taken them through the years of masked deep depression and suicide attempts trying to erase the memory that never really goes away... The book, UNSPOKEN explores the fear that often comes with being assaulted & sexually abused; fear of not being believed, fear of being stigmatized and ostracized by society that lets perpetrators go unpunished! It also shows the incredible journey of moving on from such events, and living a VICTORIOUS life..."

Sometimes there is more, things hoarded that are more than dreams, more than hopes. Those tiny unmentionables that set the heart beating in a light panic in the early morning when the soul feels truly alone, divested of every façade, every defense and every single pretense we lend to ourselves .These truths need to come out, and they need telling. UNSPOKEN is one such story that chronicles the struggle of several years, and how letting go and moving on can never be an overrated concept. It hits the bitter truth behind the lustrous façade of society, the story behind the bland smiles and the aching hearts that forbear under the yoke of duty.

UNSPOKEN is more than the telling of a story, more than the cathartic release of shored pains, more than the exposure of ills visited on innocence. It is without doubt a purity of expression, a voice finally speaking. And what it has to say is something everyone, of all walks, race and class should hear...

For those looking for a fast-paced and intriguing read that not only tells a story but offers insight into one of the darkest problems facing society, this is the perfect book to dive into.
UNSPOKEN is available Worldwide on AMAZON, OKADABOOKS , KINDLE, APPLE and all Major Book Outlets!

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  1. I am inspired by the boldness of the author. It will be nice to talk more openly about her experience to encourage others to speak out for evil and wicked perpetrators to be punished.

  2. Wow! So much pain is hidden behind closed doors and flashy photos.


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